Fight at a Funeral

Get a copy of our humorous Jamaican book! It will make you laugh out loud. It's about Essie's life.

People ran frantically in all directions for cover and safety. Holy punches and kicks were flying all over the place, and before anybody knew it, a chaotic barroom-style fight had broken out all over the funeral grounds. Siblings and relatives with old feuds, grudges, and rivalries were releasing years of built-up fury over unsolved matters. 

One of many exciting island stories. A true MUST read!

This short story book is all about the courageous life and death of a daring single female with eight children. It is one of the most exciting Jamaican books to read. In this story, Essie proved to the world that she was truly a Jamaican not a Jama-I-can't woman.

This eBook is AVAILABLE today!

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Fight at a Funeral. It's a funny Jamaican short story. Run go tell yuh friend. It's a must read!

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