Fight at a Funeral

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People ran frantically in all directions for cover and safety. Holy punches and kicks were flying all over the place, and before anybody knew it, a chaotic barroom-style fight had broken out all over the funeral grounds. Siblings and relatives with old feuds, grudges, and rivalries were releasing years of built-up fury over unsolved matters. 

One of many exciting island stories. A true MUST read!

This short story book is all about the courageous life and death of a daring single female with eight children. It is one of the most exciting Jamaican books to read. In this story, Essie proved to the world that she was truly a Jamaican not a Jama-I-can't woman.

Excerpt Number 2;


No one interfered with them (the young couple; Redflag and his domestic wife, Pauline D’Headlicker), and they would have enjoyed a peaceful life in Essie’s backyard if they hadn’t been their own worst enemies. There were times when they broke out into a serious argument that eventually led into a fistfight. Yes, fistfight. Redflag usually started the arguments, mostly because of his wife’s infidelity, but it was Pauline who was the first and only one doing the hitting. Poor Redflag simply ducked or dodged her blows.

         He never once retaliated. Instead, he tried to contain her by holding her two hands as long as he could to stop her vicious punches. It was always the same story. Redflag, who in principle didn’t believe in laying a hand on a female because Essie had taught him well, was the jealous guy who started the argument and ended up being physically abused by his domestic lover.

         When the scuffle was all over, Pauline was the person crying the loudest and the most desperately; Redflag was the one with the proud victory walk and the swollen face or black eye. Despite his wounds, he was the person everyone wrongfully blamed and screamed at. Everyone automatically ran to Pauline’s rescue because she was crying so hard. No one understood that she was crying so hard because she couldn’t get as many punches in as she would have liked. Pauline had a sharp temper like Mike Tyson and a right hand like Muhammad Ali. She was opinionated and did not take kindly to anyone telling her what to do. By nature, she enjoyed a good fight.

         Because of Pauline D’Headlicker’s hostile attitude, Redflag Green was glad when his mother filed for him and his children to emigrate to the United States. Pauline, not knowing that Redflag was on the verge of receiving his immigration approval, had moved out of Redflag’s house two months before he traveled to the United States. One day, she just packed her bags and left Redflag and all her kids behind. She went to live with a man named Bunpan Leftover, who was doing very well in Jamaica, certainly much better than Redflag. Mr. Leftover had a big, fancy house and lots of money to go around.

(Fight at a Funeral Chapter 4, page 14)


One Last Excerpt; 


Gabriel Lord Jesus, Demanteeza’s boyfriend, who was way in the back of the crowd, also made his way forward with pure ungodly intent. When Bunny Butman saw Demanteeza’s boyfriend rushing forward through the crowd, he strategically waited until the franticly running Gabriel Lord Jesus got close enough to him then he vigorously pounced on him. Gabriel Lord Jesus screamed out on the top of his voice, “Lord Jesus!” Bunny Butman aggressively pushed him down to the ground and started hitting the holy heavens out of him. 

Demanteeza Blindside’s kids saw what was happening to Gabriel Lord Jesus and immediately rushed to counterattack. A holy war and complete pandemonium along with massive chaos resulted. Of course, Pauline D’Headlicker (known only to a few including Redflag for her Muhammad Ali punches) saw her big chance and once in a lifetime opportunity to practice on her upper and lower right hand swings while showing off her exceptional left hand jabs as she threw vicious...  

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