40 Black CELEBRITIES of Jamaican descent...

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Essie in New York

Get this yardie book and laugh &/ or cry out loud. It's guaranteed to leave you inspired! (book #3)

One of many exciting island stories. A true MUST read!

This short story eBook is all about the courageous life of a daring single female with eight children. It is one of the more exciting books in the Fight at a Funeral Series. In this story, Essie proved to the world that she was truly a Jamaican not a Jama-I-can't woman.

This eBook is AVAILABLE today!

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Essie in New York. It's an inspiring Jamaican short story. Run go tell yuh friend. It's a must read!  

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Fight at a Funeral

Fight at a Funeral

This is the updated book number one in the Fight at a Funeral Series. Click on photo for digital copy. Click here for PAPERBACK COPY

Marie Wanna


This is the updated book number 2 in the Fight at a Funeral Series.  Click on photo for digital copy. Click here for  PAPERBACK COPY 

Then There Were Eight

Then There Were E

This is the updated book number 4 in the Fight at a Funeral Series.  Click on photo for digital copy. Click here for  PAPERBACK COPY 

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Christmas Special! 

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